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Aseguro que te encontrarás exultante por pertenecer a la Iglesia después de asistir a esta serie televisiva que ha sido presentada por el canal católico de EWTN.

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Address: Sacred Heart Church (Rev. Fr. Jonathan, FDM), Lime Kiln Road, Gibraltar – Tel: +350 20073709 About R. Deoduce Penner

Dear Visitor,

First of all let us apologize for not having our English version available to the public. We’re sorry for disappointing you, and for this reason we would like to explain in a few words the raison d'être for this:

We are still in the process of implementing the website design and selecting some further content material. As soon as we get the final version we’ll translate the whole English section at once (and later on also to some further languages). This shall not take too long.

Although this restriction applies to the website conclusion it is not the case for our current activities. Classes and conferences can be normally given at the present in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Latin. Please contact us in case of interest to the community you represent.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to have you back here soon.

Thank you for your visit and understanding. May God bless you+++

The ministry team.

PS_ You might well be asking yourself “why did these people started by the Spanish language section since the official language of British Gibraltar is English?”

Well, there is no idealistic or any odd reason for this. It is just a matter of being practical:  besides our Gibraltar current activities we also provide assistance to some Spanish parishes. And, while almost all Gibraltarians are bilingual the Spaniards are not; therefore we just put our pride apart and started with the language both sides of the frontier can reach. That’s all.



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